What is Megtag?

Megtag is a cloud technology company that focuses on vertical based Chabots. Our Conversation engine uses advanced NLP capabilities to bring unique cognitive conversation experiences to users. Megtag's chatbot platform helps enterprises leverage the power of Machine Learning to provide online support for all their customer queries.

Megtag's powerful machine learning platform allows enterprises to provide relevant and accurate response to customer queries based on NLP. Our scalable platform can meet all customer interaction needs as the business grows. The system, over time, learns patterns of questions & responses enabling robust conversations


Leverage the power of A.I. to solve your business problems

Virtual Assistant

Add a NLP powered Virtual Assistant capability to your web app.

Bank-Level Security

Secure your chat transcripts with strong encryption

Intelligent Intent Recognition

Our chat engine intelligently finds the right answer for your customer everytime

Learning Capabilities

Virtual assistant's learning capabilities ensures that its constantly getting better and adept in handling queries

Dynamic Self Service

Add super rich and relevant FAQs. Give your customers an intuitive way to get answers

Pre-built Models

The domain models are pre-built and continuously trained by our experts


Contact us at info@autonom8.com